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Hey everyone!!! I am so excited to apply for the Mayo Clinic externship of 2018. I have been dreaming of it since high school. Best of luck to everyone who applies. I truly hope that all of... Read More

  1. by   ashley_bird
    Are any of you local to Minnesota or would be coming from a different part the country?
  2. by   wannabe3
    Hi everyone!!!
    I have always dreamed of being a nurse (literally since I was 5), and since high school have wanted to do this internship. I have great experience, I have been a CNA in LTC from ages 16-19, and then moved onto a PCT position at a hospital. I have studied abroad and am now conversational in another language, been a mentor for younger nursing students, am involved in leadership and volunteering, and have received employee of the month at my on campus job and received an award for quality care at the hospital. That all being said, my GPA isn't that great. I'm at a relatively competitive nursing program, and it is well respected in the area.
    Does the externship look at the wide spectrum stuff, much like universities do, or is academics more important than anything else? I just want to know if it's even worth applying to because of my GPA.
  3. by   favefutureRN
    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you commenting on this thread. I wanted to make one so we could all help each other out, ya know what I mean? Hope you're kicking butt in nursing school (Im sure you are!!!) @FutureFlightBSN
  4. by   Daisuke927
    Finals are finally over for me!!! Finally finished my first semester of nursing. Now to focus on this essay I feel so free now haha
  5. by   sakurali

    @wannabe3 From what I've heard from past nurses who got the externship, Mayo definitely looks beyond your GPA. So I would most definitely apply! The worst that will happen is you won't get it, but you won't know until you try, right? My GPA isn't great either, but it sounds like we both have a passion for nursing and have extracurriculars to back us up. Best of luck
  6. by   colli646
    Hey, I am planning on applying for this internship!! Is everyone submitting cover letters, references, and transcripts even though the application website says they won't be considered? Don't want to submit something if it's not needed, but also don't want to be looked past if I don't.
  7. by   favefutureRN
    good luck! I personally did not because since they did not ask for it, I felt like giving it would be overwhelming and it may look like I am not following directions. I am not sure though. Just what I decided
  8. by   favefutureRN
    congrats @daisuke927!!!
  9. by   Kirs10RN
    Hi everyone!

    I am a nursing student from Charleston, West Virginia and I was curious if anyone knew how the application process goes after this point. Like when will final decisions be made, will they request other documents or an interview, etc.

    Thanks in advance!!
  10. by   wannabe3
    So with the application almost closed I was just wondering a few things. What specialties are we allowed to choose from? And when do you think we'll hear back by?
  11. by   Daisuke927
    From what I've heard, we should be hearing back late February! I think they have all specialties available and they try to accommodate us on what we want
  12. by   favefutureRN
    @Kirs10RN I am not 100 percent sure!! I think if you move through the first round you have to send your transcript. and then like @dasiduke said we hopefully will hear by the end of february! getting nervous!!
  13. by   Daisuke927
    Man time seems to going by slowy haha