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Today the results of last week's test were posted. I thought it had gone well, but unfortunately, my score was a 70. I was devestated. I had studied long hours, reviewed different N-CLEX books,... Read More

  1. by   mPalmer
    originally posted by cen35
    quitters never win, and winners never quit
    you have been give some good advice. i remember last year wheni was going through the sam thing. i went and talked to teh professor and hse gave me some advice on how to study differently and some other items to use when i was studying. i took her advice and proceeded to try new way to learn the material. i have used study guides, cd rom discs, example tests, notecards with the key terms, and questions throughout the book. hang in there i know you can do it. try studying with friends or in groups. i hope you figure out a good way for you. remember this was just the first test and it maybe a new subject, a new way of being taught, and new information. try to take in as much advice and try to focus on some of the positives. also if the teacher will let you review your test and the answer and ask why it is not the answer you tought it was have her explain it to you. a trick i was taught was to use a notecard (blank) when you are takinga test if possible and cover your answers so you can focus on the questions then reveal each answer one at a time and try to decide whether that is an appropriate answer to the question or not. read through all the answers though. this helped me understand the question by concentrating on it and not looking at the answers half way through the question. it also takes more time but slows you down enough to understand if you are having that problem. i hope you do better on you next exam. good luck and stick in there.
  2. by   jfordngcsu
    im sorry that i do not have advice for you, but i feel the same way. our first test is next week and then we have one the following week. so i will being feeling the same way you are. i feel as though it is so hard to concentrate right now because of what is going on with america right now and i wish that maybe our teachers would understand. all i can tell you is to stick with it you have made it this far, you'll make it even farther. and once you do make it then you can give your parents back what they gave you. good luck!!
  3. by   Mito

    I know from first hand experience how diffucult a lower than expected test score can be. What helps me is to remember the positive you 70 MARKS no small task in any nursing program.

    Good Luck in your future studies