Math Test HELP!

  1. Our dosage calculation test for this semester is next week. I need some test taking strategies if you've got 'em! I can do the problems in our book and on websites--I just get so much anxiety because so much is riding on this! I take too long just setting up the problem, that I lose time. We've got an hour to do about 30 questions. I'm really hating critical care calculations!!!!!

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  3. by   mamajapko
    I just found out I made a 100 on my 2nd dosage exam. :hatparty:
    Here's what I did.
    Before the test I do a few about 12 problems on my own. Check the answers and if I miss any, I ask the dosage specialist (tutor) what I did wrong.
    Then I take a short break, have a cup of coffee and cookie, go pee and then take the test.
    Before I even look at any problems, I write down the conversions and formulas on a sheet of paper. If I get nervous, I just check my notes and keep going.
    The most important thing is to remain calm and take each problem one at a time and recheck all the problems at the end. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to take the test. First test I took 3 hours because I was so nervous. The second test took about 1 1/2 hours. Maybe the 3rd and last test will only take an hour.
    Good luck. You'll do fine.
  4. by   kellyo
    Congratulations on your score!

    One of the major things I'm worried about is time. We're only allowed 1 hour for our test because "you won't have all the time in the world on the floor". I think that writing down formulas, steps, etc. before I even work a problem will help. Thanks!