March of Dimes Walk a Thon!!

  1. I don't know what I was thinking. Probably in the euphoria that follows finishing Pharmocology II and before that of Nursing concepts II I thought I would join the March of Dimes Walk a Thon

    I am doing it for a dear friend. We were pregnant at the same time. We were both due in December but baby Rachel was born in October. I am happy and proud to say she is coming along well these days and she is my primary reason for walking.

    I know times are tight. But even small amount help. And prayers and wishes are wonderful to even if you cannot help at this time (I have until April 29th)

    But here is a praise report. I originally made a goal of $100. i thought I would never be able to do that. Then I doubled it. And I was amazed....Then I thought maybe too big. I have school and you know it is very difficult between school, home and work......but I have made a goal of $1000 for the March of Dimes.

    I am happy to report I am almost half way there. God is good.

    So if you have a chance or an interest or even a good thought or hope or a hug.....please visit my MOD website....

    Thank you for everything
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  3. by   AllieRat
    Wow good job! I've only managed to raise about $100 which is short from my goal last year of $250 but I figure every dollar they get helps
  4. by   la bellota
    you are absolutely right ....good job Allie!
  5. by   Danish
    Great job!! We are having ours here in Tampa area on Sat the 28th if anyone local wants to join