MAR 'examples' - Help please!

  1. I searched online for some 'fake' medication administration record examples, but I can't find any. My instructor is NOT helping us with teaching us how to fill one out (long story, not going to go there...) and said we need to figure it out ourselves and gave us no resources at all. We are having a 'test' next week in which she will give us orders and we need to transcribe it onto the MAR in < 8 minutes and none of us in the class have ever even filled one out before. Please, if anyone can help me here I'd be so thankful!!
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  3. by   avahnel
    If you are given Drs orders and are writing them on a MAR, you write the name of the drug, the dosage, and then the abbreviations for how often the drugs are given.

    Here is a small list of standard abbreviations

    here is another link for this study guide-gives do's and don'ts for charting.

    In our lab packet for our first semester, there were sample Drs orders and MARs, does your lab do anything like that? We had to check Drs orders against the MAR, and find mistakes, and know what to do about them before we could give meds.

    Good Luck.
  4. by   Daytonite
    i was able to find several examples of mars that you can open and print out to practice on. start by making up some medication orders and transcribing them on the sheet. remember, a correct order consists of the drug, amount, route, and frequency. (ex: lasix 40mg po daily). when the drug is given, the time it is given and by who (usually initials) is recorded. (ex: 1000 am - lb) when initials are used, the person's initials and full signature is also recorded somewhere else on the mar to identify the nurse. (ex: lb - l. banyon, rn) some mars get fancy and specifically tell the nurse how to document other information pertaining to the drug including refused doses or doses given at a time different from a scheduled dose (the last mar listed does that).

    an easy and basic mar:

    other mars: