Making My Way to Nursing School.

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    Deciding on what path you want to take to become a nurse.

    Making My Way to Nursing School.

    So at 29 I'm finally doing it. I'm finally starting pre-nursing courses in Jan 2018. I've done so much research and found the process to be a bit complicated, but my resilience is what kept me pushing through. My mom is an LPN, my sister-in-law is an RN (BSN). From both of their experiences as well as my own research I've gained a lot of information about the process.

    I must say the hardest thing was deciding whether I wanted to go for my associates or bachelors first. There are so many schools out there. For the most part they all have the same prerequisites. I love science but math is not exactly my strong suit. I asked my sister in law what she did to do well in those courses and she said she used Statistics for Dummies. So It got me thinking while I have the time why don't I start getting familiar with the courses I'm going to take so it won't be so overwhelming. Besides the For Dummies series there is a plethora of books out there to help you understand these courses. So while I await starting classes in January I've been getting a head start on statistics and chemistry. I advise anyone who has the jitters about those pre-nursing courses to go ahead and get a head start studying. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

    So I'll be honest I'm not exactly excited about the amount of time it will take to get through school but this is one profession where there really are no shortcuts. Even the accelerated programs are no joke. I've looked at Molloy, LIU, Adelphi, QCC, & St. Pauls. A nursing education is pretty expensive if you're going the private school route. So let's talk brass tacks! CUNY and SUNY schools are very affordable and with the new Excelsior program, it makes getting a degree more feasible. However, for a student who desires to study nursing, it can be a frustrating and long journey. Their nursing programs are very competitive with a lot of applicants vying to get into them. It all depends on if you're willing to spend the extra time waiting to get into the program if you don't make it in on the first try.

    A private school is still competitive but the chances of getting into a nursing program are stronger. Some of these schools if you already have a bachelors degree they have accelerated nursing programs. Not all private schools equal a quality education. That's why it's so important research the schools and see what students had to say about their experience there. Private or public the main thing is doing excellent and studying so that when you get on the job you are well prepared.

    I did research upon research and I'll admit the more information I had the more overwhelmed I felt. I pushed through because I knew this is what I truly want.
    I eventually want to go to a private school but it will save me some coins by going to a CUNY to get all the pre-reqs done. It's going to be a long process but I have a plan. And to me planning is everything. If you don't plan it's like being in the middle of an ocean on a little boat without a paddle.

    I write these words for anyone trying to figure out this process. Ask a lot of questions. Do a lot of research. The main thing is ask yourself the important questions: How worth it is it to you to become a nurse ? How badly do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to become one ? Are you ready to dedicate the time to your studies and go to school ? If you can answer these questions and more than you'll have more reason to push through. So at all my fellow per-nursing, nursing students and those trying to decide if they should become a nurse good luck and hang in there. It will all be worth it in the long run.
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  3. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Congrats on your journey to RN. I made this decision a few years back and now on my way to a FNP! I've never regretted my decision. I wish you all the luck but it looks like you you've planned ahead for success! Keep us posted!
  4. by   Awehmeyer
    I am looking to start a nursing career within the next few years. I have no college education as of right now, what are some prerequisites I need to take to attend nursing school? Or does it vary program by program?

    I have a 2 year old and I'd like to get any prereqs out of the way soon so by the time she starts kindergarten I can start my education as well.
  5. by   ayelah_ganda
    Congratulations! I just graduated and passed NCLEX. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about nursing school or any subjects. I would gladly help you!
  6. by   Goals1118
    I'm 29 as well, and I just started my prerequisites in January! I taught for six years, and even earned a Masters Degree in Education, but I was still yearning to pursue nursing. Now that I've begun the transition, I'm super excited! I've just completed the prerequisites for two accelerated programs for two in-state colleges. Good luck on your journey!
  7. by   futureRNDANI
    the best advice I can give is you is to first decide if you want to go for your associates or the bachelors. Then look into schools and what their prerequisites are for the nursing program. Some schools vary. But for the most part for sure you need science courses such as anatomy and philosophy 1 and 2 , college algebra and or statistics , microbiology, chemistry , English 101.
  8. by   Froggybelly
    It varies a bit from program to program, so look at the school(s) you want to attend and go from there. Find out which courses are the most important for getting into nursing school and make sure you perform very well in them. You're putting in the time and effort. Make sure you choose the highest quality program you can find. It will make the difference once you graduate and are working as a nurse, especially if you want to further your education down the road.
  9. by   usateacher
    This journey can challenge your inner peace. Take 3 minutes every few hours to close your eyes, breathe deep and slow, and envision the Napali coast on Kaua'i. You're swimming with wild dolphins. They treat you like one of the pod. Be your inner dolphin, it feels great! You'll open your eyes refreshed and ready for the next few hours.