Major nursing care plan C- section need one more diagnosis - page 2

I have so far,, constipation, alteration in parenting, risk for fluid volume deficit, risk for injury, risk for infection. I need one more good easy one. Any suggestions....... I hate these. for... Read More

  1. by   polka-dot
    Wow, you only need 6 NDs? Our care plans had to include every abnormal lab, every med, every nursing intervention.

    Look at your pt's labs, meds and RAND. All that stuff is there for a reason and it can all relate to a Nursing Dx.
  2. by   cnmullin
    Okay new c section question. I had a pt that was post op day 3 and had yet to have a BM. Looking for a NANDA Nursing Dx.

    Also I'm using Acute pain, Impaired physical mobility.... which is the priority?

    They all relate to the surgical incision. Pt motility is related to nonmobility which is related to pain.
  3. by   idahostudent2011
    the priority would be pain. Since she is in pain she will not be able to move, learn anything. She will also be constipated because she isn't moving. so a NaNDA would be pain r/t surgical incision aeb grimacing, splinting etc. there are many different ways of wording that. Of course I can't remember if surgical incision is a nanda approved diagnosis...I don't have the doenges book in front of me...or for the constipated one. risk of constipation r/t post childbirth discomfort.or risk of constipation r/t opiod medication.
    Don't know if that helps, but it is a start
  4. by   LilTess
    impaired skin integrity r/t surgical incision