Major decision to make!

  1. I have a major decision to make. I need to vent it out because I am having a hard time with it.

    I have a major decision to make and I am just so lost and confused. Well, you all know how I was working in a children's hospital in the outpatient services and I did an internal transfer form to switch to inpatient of the same hospital. Well, I waited and waited and waited for a phone call back from the Human resources hiring person for the position I applied for. I called a few times and left messages and never got any replies back. I filled out the form on 4/19. Well, I finally got a phone call today and they want me to come in tomorrow and talk to the nurse manager of the floor I had wanted to work on. He pretty much said she just wants to talk to me and tell me about the job. It is already mine if I want to accept it. Well, here is the thing. Remember how I told you I have got a new job in a general hospital working in the NICU. I already accepted the job and I had an interest in the NICU anyway and I took the job fearing that I would never get a call from the Children's hospital. Well, now I am so confuse and don't know what to do.

    See, the thing is If I wanted to do the program between my school and the hospital I just got a job at where they pay for your whole entire senior year and that is $15,000.00 then I have to do a two year commitment after I graduate with the general hospital plus I have to work at least 10 hours each week during the fall and spring semesters. So now, I am totally lost. I was going to do more federal loans until I heard about the program. My parents and I had it all planned out to where I would stay home after graduation for 2 years before I had even thought about moving out and I could give at least half of my salary towards loans and have about $30,000.00 (that may be a little high but I figured in interest) paid off in 2 years instead of taking 10 years like I signed in the loan agreement. I love the children's hospital I work for. The doctors are nice, many of the nurses are nice, you don't see nurses striking like they do at the other hospital where I got the new job at. Many of the nurses I talk to love the Children's hospital and just from working there last summer I love it. My biggest dream has always been pediatrics and my second has been the NICU.

    I don't know If I decide I don't want to take the job at this new hospital in the NICU do I have the right to say I don't want to take it. I did not sign any contracts yet, all I signed was forms for taxes and I went through the physical and drug screen testing already. All I basically said was that I am interested and I was offered the job and I accepted. My orientation at this new hospital is supposed to start on 5/20. What are my rights? If any.

    Oh, why did this happen. I am so horrible at decisions like this
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  3. by   MPHkatie
    Call the NICU and tell them you have had a better offer, or that you wil be unable to work for them, or any number of things. People accept jobs all the time and then turn them down like that. Now, if you think you may be applying for a job at some point in that NICU, you need to find a very very polite and nice way of pulling out. you do have the right to not work for them, just remember that managers do remember stuff like this sometimes - of course by the time you finish, it might not even be the same manager. Do what you want, by the time you finish nursing school, you may find yourself wanting to do something totally different, I know I did! I would make the decision as soon as possible however, because either place will need to find another aide. Good Luck