LVN deciding between LVN-ADN prog in a Comm College or General Entry BSN in Private School

  1. Currently an LVN deciding between going to an LVN to ADN program in a community college OR going to a Generic Entry BSN program in National University Los Angeles.

    I have a toddler and currently working nights as LVN. I want to become an RN hopefully before my toddler goes to grade school. I'm deciding between LA Harbor College (ADN) or National University LA (BSN). I have taken my sciences for more than 7 years. Most community college I have researched have recency policy of either 6 or 7yrs. Only LA Harbor College doesn't. National University LA doesn't have recency too.

    IF I go to LAHC route, I just need to take lifespan psychology, teas test prior application and 4 nursing classes prior program. (I have scheduled counceling this comming week) The LVN to ADN is a 1 yr (12 months) program BUT there is no guarantee how long it takes before I get in. It depends on spot availability.

    IF I go to NU LA Generic Entry route, I need to take 3 classes, teas test and essay before application. Application starts on April for the Oct 2018 program. It is a 26months program. I picked NU because its cheaper, its BSN program, and it has a higher passing rate compared to other private schools around me. BUUUT it will cost we about 50K.

    Does anyone know any other schools that I could check? Any thoughts this?
    Or just retake my sciences??
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  3. by   Tajin
    Apply to both then figure out which option is the best once you're accepted. It seems arrogant to even consider your options when you haven't even taken the TEAS. I hope I'm not coming off as a mean person, but it's the truth. I knew of some people who were super confident they would score well on the TEAS to only end up in the low 70s (which will make it difficult to get into any school). When you do get accepted, choose the one you can afford. You probably shouldn't go into a lot of debt because you have your family to think about.

    Personally, I'd do the LVN-RN route while you work per diem throughout the program then a RN-BSN online. It's about the same time frame when you consider it all. The LVN-RN is 12 months and the RN-BSN is 15 months so 27 months total. You can totally work as a RN while completing your BSN online too.