LSU CARE RN program

  1. Hi everyone. I just heard recently about LSU School of Nursing in New Orleans having a CARE 2yr RN program where you get a BSN in 2 years. I have sent an email to the person on their website and haven't heard anything. I just have questions about the pre-reqs which if I'm missing I could take in the summer and fall since I missed deadline for fall 07 semester. Is anyone on here in the program or know someone who is that could tell me what classes they took and what made their application competitive versus other students. My GPA is over a 3.0, which is the minimum requirement and I have a bachelors degree which I need as an applicant. Can somebody PM me or list their classes they had taken on here who was actually accepted? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm applying to Nunez's LPN program also and if anyone has insight on that too, that would be great.

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  3. by   kitti419
    Hi, I know this is an older post but I'm kind of in the same boat now. I Just emailed someone regarding this program so hopefully I will find out. I had some questions about the prereq's also. What happened with you? Did you get in?
  4. by   Veke-RN2B
    Hi. Thanks for inquiring. I ended up going to Delgado-Charity School of Nursing. It would be better to ask someone on the Louisiana forums about the CARE program. Good luck to you.
  5. by   nashwatson
    I am planning on making the application for Fall 2010. I am wondering if I need to take A & P now or should I take Microbiology instead? Any information on the prerequisites would be much appreciated.