LPN to RN, maybe get a BSN along the way...

  1. I'm going to LPN school this fall part time, I already have a BS degree, Minor and Masters (only my masters is in a health related field "exercise science). Once someone finds out about me going to LPN school their next question is whether I'm going to continue on and become an RN, so needless to say I've been thinking about it alot. Since I have some degrees under my belt and will be an LPN, would doing the whole RN thing be easier? Would there be less things required of me to do because I will already have some classes and training? I just want to get a general idea, I have thought about obtaining my BSN after LPN school since some of my classes will transfer but since I'll be 32 when I graduate LPN school I'm sort of having age anxiety over things (you know the whole I should of already had a career by now, starting with a career late in life etc). If anyone out there has done LPN to RN it would be great to hear back from you on this.
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  3. by   pharmgirl
    You are never too old. i started when I was 37 and will be graduating with my RN when I'm 40. Personally, if I were you, I would continue to get your RN. Their are more opportunities and more money with your RN. Around here, hospitals are eliminating LPN's and hiring only RN's so LPN's are basically confined to LTC or home health.

    I couldn't tell you about what will transfer etc. That is all pretty school specific but nursing school is generally nursing school, no preferential treatments for previous BS's. However, your previous education will probably be helpful with transferring credits for your pre-reqs.

    Good Luck and dont forget, you are never too old. There are thousands of posts on here about people even older than us going back to school. Read them, they are a great inspiration!!!
  4. by   larien37
    Thank you for your advice. It is encouraging to hear others talk of their experiences. I am feeling up to challenge now more so than before. If I could give you a hug I would I cant so I'll just add this::urck: lol.