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  1. Please help!! I am currently in a 10 month LPN program. I'm doing great in Fundamentals, passed geriatrics and Ethics with flying colors, but AP is kicking my butt. We go through a system a day, lecture is only the instructor reading word for word from our text. I have tried the coloring books, but don't have the time considering we test out the very next day. At this rate, I am not going to make it to the second part if I don't bring up that grade. Any advice on how to retain this information? Everything that I have read, says do not cram the night before a test, I don't have any other way but to cram. Nursing has been a dream of mine for years. I will really appreciate all the advice given! Thank you!
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    I use keywords to study everything. So say you are studying pancreatitis. I'd write:

    Pancreatitis- elevated amylase and lipase (enzymes), dx by CT scan, S/S midepigastric pain, Cullen sign(blue umbilicus), Turner sign (blue flank), TX is NPO or low fat diet, ETIOLOGY is alcohol, trauma, surgery, drugs, smoking, diet/duct block

    And that's basically how I write all my notes. You just want keywords then form the ideas in your head, that just helps to reinforce the concepts more. Hope this helps any-you can do it!