Lpn at doorway to RN

  1. In desperate need of guidance, Ive taken Excelsior college Cpne twice unsuccessfully I'm exploring the option of going through traditional scool but unwilling to repeat what ive alredy taken and lengthen the time of completion by 1 year. pondering for answers
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  3. by   luv4nursing
    That was my biggest fear with Excelsior and the reason I decided to go thru a traditional program. I knew I would crack under pressure. My advice would be to take a CPNE review course and try again. Or is two tries the limit? You might as well try again so your efforts dont have to go to waste. Did you take your pre reqs thru Excelsior or a regular school? At the very least, if you do have to go thru a traditional bridge program, at least it should be a breeze for you because most of it will be information you just went thru. Im sorry this has happened to you, and wish u the best of luck with whatever you decide to do next. Please dont give up on ur RN, whatever you do.