Lost 1/4 of our class to the math test in block 3!! - page 4

I'm still in shock. The school is in shock. There were about 27 of us when we took our first math test during orientation for block three. Only five of us passed it. You get three chances, so on... Read More

  1. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Our math test is 10 questions...must get 9 right to pass. They do have retakes though...I forget how many. We had 1 student get a 40!
  2. by   nursemama2be
    my school has a 20 question math test...

    requirement to pass is 100%. This is my first year and they said each rotation we have to do a math test and get 100 to pass...

    some failed.. but if they knew what they did wrong and retook it and passed they were fine... the questions they asked us at least were not that difficult.. but then again... its different for everyone..

    i do think a couple lack motivation and i wonder y they are in the program.. they definately do not take it seriously as i do...
  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    our school has just made changes because too many people were failing the math portion.
    in pharmacology we need a 90% to pass the class.
    they have since broken the entire class into 2 more intense classes, one math and one pharmacology.
    we just had our first quiz last week on basic math principles, and two thirds of the class failed!! i'm talking about fractions, decimals and percentages! those who failed get a 2nd chance, but if they dont pass, they are out. its harsh, but a reality.

    I purchased math for meds books and practice a couple days a week in order to stay current. if you dont use it, you might lose it....or so they say!!

    good luck to everyone!!