Loosing hope

  1. Hi, I was enrolled in a bachelors nursing program and had to leave due to some medical probelms and when went to go back there was no room for me I was told. I decided to go to a two year school and then transfer back to the other college to finish for my bachelors. Unfortunatley I have been struggling at this 2yr school, I have a documented disablility and accomadation were not followed for the first 2 exams and i had to find my own place to take the exams now I took a math exam and there was a math problem grains to mg and I put my answer in decimal form --- my professor says its wrong but the bachelor program i came from accepted decimal form so would like to know is there a rule that grains problems have to be in fraction form ? There are 22 students who did not pass the math exam i am the only one who got 1 wrong due to putting it in the correct decimal form. They want me to come back 2 weeks early in Jan. and get 15 hours of tutoring and retake the math exam and then go to a day of clinical to pass meds --- I think this is a little much for one math problem?????????????? Also, I know what i did wrong so I did ask to retake it sooner but my professor said no, not sure what to do because im suppose to work full time on my christmas break because i am the one paying for my school ---- If u got any input send it my way cause im really getting down. thanks
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Unfortunatly to get through nursing school you must learn to play the "game"... Meaning just do what they say