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Hello everyone! :nurse: I just wanted to hear what input anyone has on my so-called "dilemma." I am a 21 year old senior nursing student so I will be 22 when I graduate. I have worked as a... Read More

  1. by   Annaiya
    I passed the bar exam at 23 and everyone always assumed I was the legal secretary not the attorney, so I know where you're coming from. Aside from the hair/make-up and clothes suggestions, something else to think about is how you speak. Some people naturally have a high voice or still sound like a child even though they are 20 or 30. I was always conscious of not using slang, speaking clearly and confidently, not giggling, and getting rid of what little regional accent I had. I still get comments about people practicing before I was born (and usually they were), but I know I sound like an attorney now, and I think that makes a difference. Now I just need to learn how to sound like a nurse
  2. by   AdelaideChic
    I graduated at 20, but was working as a nursing assistant (or whatever the correct term is, out of Australia...) from age 17. So, my concerns also branched out to finding out about me signing legal documents, hehe. However, i am now working in a major hospital, on a Cardio Thoracic Recovery Unit (also an ICU). Because of my experience (i think), people tend to take me seriously. I wil admit when i dont know something, but demonstrate my ability when im able to. Our ward 'uniform' is navy scrubs, not very complementary, but we all look the same. I think i look younger with my glasses on (i think i look like i have bigger eyes, more questioning than answering).
    Its not our age that matters, its the care we provide. Unfortunately, it seem a lot of people dont mind their own business. I dont do anything to try and make myself look older, i wear very little makeup (base and sometimes some lip gloss) and thats more of a personal confidence thing rather than an age thing. In the end, age is kinda irrelevant, long as your not being harrassed.