looking for p/t work before school starts

  1. I took phlebotomy technician training last semester and I'm all ready to go, except one thing...I can't get a job!!

    I thought I'd be able to get work in a reference lab, but it seems that there is one company here in Sacramento that sort of has a monopoloy, and they want as much experience as the hospitals here require. It's the old catch 22, can't get experience w/o a job, can't get a job w/o experience, ARRRRR!

    I'm hoping to work about 20 hours/week during first semester ADN school, but time to find a job before school starts is running out. This is turning out to be much harder than I anticipated.

    I worked as a subsitute teacher all through pre-reqs so now must change jobs to accommodate clinicals and day classes.

    Anyway, that's all that's new w/ me. Just busy planning the wedding so all arrangements can be done before school starts (Jan. 12, is the date), and job hunting.

    Congrats to all graduating and all starting the program!!
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    cheryl, best wishes to you and congratulations to the groom to be! .

    have you tried a doctor's office or a lab, not at a hospital? you are right, how can one get experience if no one will give the "new" person a chance. let us know how it goes.
  4. by   craff1
    Future RN,
    Thanks! Yah, after being Divorced since '91 I'm pretty glad to be remarrying! He's an aspiring nurse as well, but has agreed to work while I go through first, so we have lots in common, matter of fact, met him my first semester of nursing prereqs!

    On the job thing, I've been watching the paper for doc offices. Sometimes they prefer an MA, (I'm not). The major lab here is Unilab. They require 1,000 hours of experience. (Although they hired 2 of my classmates on their medical assisting instructor's reccomendation, one of those "who you know" type things. Grrr.)
    The Blood Source (the local blood bank) doens't want to work w/ a school schedule. I thought this would be the perfect evening, weekend job. I'm frustrated, for sure.

    I guess after 1 semester we can get student nurse jobs (basically a CNA) but they don't pay as well as a phlebotomy job, and I hate to let my skills get away.

    We don't get any sticks during the ADN program. I'm not sure if the BSN program I'm trying to transfer to for the 4th semester lets you do sticks or not.

    It's a liability thing, but seems so stupid to me. How are new nurses supposed to start on a new job w/o any blood drawing/IV starting experience? I'm glad I took the classes so I'll have a leg up when I get a job, but I'd like to be working in the field NOW!!!

    Any other phlebotomy techs out there?