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  1. Hi Guys,
    I have two interviews this week for nurse extern positions. I have never worked in a hospital. The only thing I have done that is medical related is I volunteered in an Airforce medical clinic, working in medical records, for two months. Then I trained as a Dental Assistant for six months, through the Red Cross. I have never been interveiwed by any kind of medical facility. If anyone can give me some advice on how to prepare for these interviews it would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh! also I filled out an application online but did not submit a resume. Thanks alot in advance
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  3. by   BABNRS
    Hi SN.

    1) Look good - dress professionally, but be comfortable. This is not the time to express your individuality by wearing plunging necklines or climbing skirts!!! Don't overdo the make-up and perfume! Think conservative. Managers rely on that first impression.

    2) RELAX....Pay attention to the questions they are asking you and answer in a conversational manner. Maintain eye contact and try not to fidget!!!

    3) Don't sell yourself short. Don't say... "The only experience I have..." Say "I worked as a volunteer......." and tell about your experience there.

    4) Make it clear that you are motivated and excited to learn new things.

    Most interviews these days involve some sort of "tell me about a time when" scenarios which help them develop an idea of your personality. Be thinking about situations you have been involved with that you excelled in. Doesn't have to me medically related, just goes to your character.

    Good luck...I am sure you will do fine!!!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    good advice above. other than don't be late, you will do just fine! keep us posted.