Look out psych, here I come!

  1. The day has come, ladies and gentlemen! Kiyasmom has decided on a first choice for employment after graduation. Lord willing, I will be working Baylor shifts at the State Psychiatric Center. YIPPPEEEE! I am not sure about the pay (does anyone know about LPN pay in psych???) but I think that is where the Lord is leading me.

    On a not so happy note, we found out last week that our class schedule would be extended by one week and we no longer have two prescheduled days off. GRRRRRR:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire . Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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  3. by   lunakat
    Gratz on finding your niche! :hatparty:
    As for the schedule thing, last time anything like that ever happned to me was in High School. We had to extend the school year a couple of days or go to school on Saturdays due to the snow storms that were really bad. They had cancelled classes more than they usually did that year