Lone Star 2018 LVN Transition

  1. Just opening up a discussion for all the people applying for this spring semester! I am apply with hopes of getting into the Montgomery campus. I was trying to find out what the average score is for entrance? Any help is appreciated
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  3. by   jigzawnurse28
    Me too! Im applying with a total 7.04 total. I hope I get in.
    I will be applying at Montgomery, Tomball and Kingwood (Evening if Kingwood).
    What is your total score?
  4. by   LVN1579
    I have a 7. Hoping that will be enough!
  5. by   LVN408
    I'm applying for Montgomery, North Harris and Kingwood. Montgomery is my first choice... My score is 7.1! Fingers crossed for us!! These next few weeks are going to seem like forever!
  6. by   LVN1579
    Those are my choices as well! I'm definitely dreading these next couple weeks, hoping to hear good news! Good luck to you!
    just opened my acceptance. Ill be at tomball for the transition program
  8. by   jigzawnurse28
    I got accepted at Montgomery! (1st choice!) That was gruesome and now there are tons of requirements due before class starts. Goodluck to all!
  9. by   Sammybd
    I got waitlisted as an alternative for all campuses. I have a score of 6.4 . Does anyone think I have a chance? I still plan to complete everything on the check off list, attend the orientation, and just hope for the best.
  10. by   Waka123
    Have you heard anything yet? I was also waitlisted with a score of 6.45
  11. by   12smcqueen
    have you got clearance from board of nursing yet? im also in tomball transition program
  12. by   tscemtp
    I am also an alternate for the LVN/Paramedic to RN transition. I have completed the requirements for castle branch and received my blue card. Has anyone heard if any alternates have been called or anything?
  13. by   Waka123
    I havent heard anything yet but i called and spoke with the director at tomball and she says she knows of one being placed and thats it so idk if there are more. What was yalls scores on your appliction
  14. by   LaShun79
    I applied to Kingwood LVN to RN transition with a score of 7.18.