Loan Forgiveness/Hospital Loans/Scholarships??

  1. We all are all too familiar with the FAFSA, where your parents income is forced to be considered for financial aid. Unfortunately, I'm paying for school on my own, without the help of parents. I'm having to take several loans out, without any grants because of their income.

    So my question is, how is everyone else paying for school? I didn't know about the HSRA scholarship in time. I'd like to sign on with a hospital or the state, or anywhere just to have some help with loans. I know there's a nursing shortage.... so why is this so hard for me? I work 12-20 hours a week as a CNA= no money. However, I don't receive any help from the government or parents.

    What is everyoen else doing?
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  3. by   Asherah
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    You may want to follow up with a post stating where you are located specifically, so those located in your state could chime in with any state-run finance or forgiveness programs. You could also actively investigate any schools/programs that partner with hospitals for loan forgiveness. Only one of the ABSN programs I'm applying to has something like this, they pair with three hospitals in the SoCal area, and for a two-year commitment, they will pay $25K (out of a $45K total) of your tuition upfront. I just mention this as an example.

    In terms of state assistance, I'm only familiar with what California offers. It really does take a lot of leg-work to find these opportunities, I agree that it definitely should be easier to find ways to pay for school...but in the end, if I have to take loans, so be it. I would love to pay cash for my dream, but in the end, if I have to finance it wisely, I will do so via federal and private loans.

    Good luck!