Littmann Cardiology III vs. Classic II

  1. Any pros and cons to either? Which feels better around the neck? On the ears? Better sounds?

    I have no way of trying either before buying them so I am depending on experienced opinions here...
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  3. by   SNKristen
    I have a classic II and I love it. It it fairly light weight and the ear buds form to your ears to block out noise.
  4. by   User123456
    i have litt 2 but thats what our school requires. i like it . comes in differant colors which being a fashionista i love lol and two kinds of ear pads. hard and soft. if you dont have a hearing deficit i would suggest the litt2 simply because its half the price and most people dont require a cardilo scope. u can always upgrade later if the litt2 dosent work for you and sell it on ebay. heart sounds lung sounds and bp are clear as a bell to me with the litt2 . can you go to your clinical teacher and ask what they reccommend? maybe ask if you can go to the nursing lab to try differant ones out? besure to put them on correctly. when i first got mine i put them in backward and couldnt understand why i couldnt hear anything lol.
  5. by   NurseJeanB
    I have both and I prefer the Cardiology III. I know it is more expensive but this is something that you will use a lot in your job and you want to hear to the best of your ability. I am even thinking about buying a Master Cardiology when I graduate and have the money.
    I would do as other posters have suggested and get a unique color and have your name engraved on it.
  6. by   akspudus
    I have the cardiology III...and love it. I used a Sprague before as an EMT and got by. I am a little hard of hearing so I went ahead and dropped some money for a better stethoscope for nursing school. I am sure glad I did.

    I changed the pediatric diaphragm over to a traditional bell. My professor even borrowed it to "try it out". She loved it...and now reminds us that if we wanted to get her a Christmas present...etc.

    No matter what you get...make sure you get your name engraved on it somewhere. Keep track of it...I have heard good stethoscopes can grow legs.
    A Cardiology III is definatly a great peice of equipment and worth the investment.