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Hi everyone! I just got my nursing acceptance letter :yeah: :bowingpur and I'm so grateful to be finally moving on from being a little pre-nursing student. ;) So far I've bought my awesome Littman... Read More

  1. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    So I've bought so far: Bandage scissors, nurses clipboard, stethoscope, pen light, manual blood pressure kit (non-digital), and a retractable badge holder. I also have school supplies covered. I'm going to buy scrubs & nursing shoes after I have a chance to try them on at a scrub shop back home. Does anyone think I'm missing anything? Thanks for your comments thus far, everyone
  2. by   Fitzy819
    Definantly find a good pair of shoes!!! I have a terrible pair (I swear every week after clinicals I'm buying new ones next payday ) and they have a huge heel and make my toes go numb after standing up for a few hours. Try on lots and lots of pairs and don't just buy them because they are the "best" according to the shop owner.
  3. by   Isitpossible
    my school made us purchase a "nursing bag" from our campus store..most everything was in the bag..check with your school, dont want to spend double money!
  4. by   lmlong57
    Any kind of cheat sheet for quick reference is great to have

    A gait belt.

    Two pair of support pantyhose! Trust me, these are lifesavers!

    A good watch with second hand.

    not just any lotion, but the super good stuff 'cause your hands are going to shrivel up.

    a six pack in the fridge after the super long days.

    A dependable fellow student/study partner.

    and personal pocket size hand sanitizer. (for your own protection from the disease carrying fellow nurse students)
  5. by   murphyle
    Be careful with hand lotions - very few OTC products are CHG-compatible (i.e. they'll inactivate the antimicrobial ingredient in hospital hand soap ). Pretty much every place I've been has had a big bottle of approved lotion next to the main staff sinks (i.e. med rooms, clean utility rooms, staff bathrooms, etc). Use it. Another good item to carry is lip balm - hospital air is extremely dry and will chap your lips in no time flat. I always keep a Burt's Bees stick in my scrub shirt top pocket.

    On scrubs and shoes: The more pockets, the better. Between clinical tools, tape, alcohol wipes and 2x2s, report sheets, pocket books, pocket notes, cash stash and any other miscellany, you'll think that you should have been issued a tool belt! For clinical shoes, I wore basic white tennis shoes like everyone else in my cohort, and hated them. I had a pair of Professional Danskos in my previous career, but they are very heavy and tend to be hard on my feet, as I have a heel-toe gait and Professionals have absolutely no cushioning. Instead, I got the lightweight, light-cushion model (I think the style was Kelsey). They're pricey, but worth every penny.
  6. by   levenstein
    For medical students supplies like Shoes, Tops Set, littmann stethoscope ect. Here you go