1. I have just discovered that two of my leadership team members do not have any faith in me as their team leader. They feel that I am not confident enough, that I have the knowledge just not the self confidence. These two team members have been through a nursing program before and did not make it, this is their second time through. One has been an LPN for several years. How would you suggest my handling this situation. My time to act as team leader is next week. This is my first attempt at nursing school (ADN program) and will be my last, also I have not had any personal experience working in the medical field prior to nursing school. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    My first thought was that if they were that hot, they wouldn't be having to do this for the second time! But then I thought about it and realized that OK, they probably do know a little more than you do - at this stage of the game. And, if they wanted to, they could give you a hard time next week.

    Once you have been in healthcare for a while you will find out that sometimes it is better to schmooze than lose. If it wouldn't completely kill you to do this it might be worth your while to flatter these two a little and acknowledge that they probably do know more than you, and you would appreciate their help (whether you really need it or not). That way they will feel important/superior and will be less likely to try to make you look stupid/bad in order for them to feel good about themselves. I know, this sucks, and you will be grinding your teeth, but sometimes it's better to lose a battle and win the war! You need to graduate, you need to get through this, do whatever it takes to make sure that happens and you are successful. So, pucker up baby!

    Good luck.
  4. by   roselady0_4
    Thanks for the reply. I think that was the problem, I did go to them, even admitted that they do know more about procedures than I do at this time. Just found out tonight that one of them is planning on going to the DON with her concerns. I have already spoken with my clinical instructor, and every thing is fine with him, even told him what her concerns are. He states that I do not put my patients in harmsway. I really did not realize that nursing school is so cut throat, especially since we are graduating this December. Anyway, thanks again.