Last Mintue Tips for the Hesi A2

  1. Hi guys and gals! I was wondering if anyone had any last mintue test tips for the Hesi A2. I take mine in exactly a week today ( March 14th). The school I'm applying for you only have to take the math and reading portions. So do any of you that have taken the test here recently give me and pointers, last mintue things to study or even how you did and how easy/ hard those two portions are. I'm not veery good at math, so I've been work extra hard, do I need to do any work on the reading portion, if I know I'm a pretty good reader?

    I would lov anyones on this. Can you maybe tell me if there was any algebara on the test? I have the study Hesi A2 study guide, but I want to make sure I have all areas covered on those two portions. I'm so scared and stress at the same time. I really want to get in this school , so I need all the stuy time I can get in, Not only that but prayers too.
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  3. by   Southern Magnolia
    If you have the study guide that is made by the test publishers (elsevier/ evolve) you should study that. Make sure you know your conversions by heart, military time, roman numerals. You get a calculator so don't sweat the basic math. I did work my problems by hand and by calculator though just to be sure I didn't fat finger anything or make a stupid mistake. The test (for me at least) was true to the study guide -espcially for the reading/ math. The sciences were a bit more in depth but still stuck with the review guide as far as subject matter.

    Best Wishes.