Last & final week of nursing boot camp!

  1. Wow the time has finally come to close the book to this journey! Starting my last & final week of my LPN program TOMORROW! Final & med surg 4 ati monday & ati predictor thursday!!!!!! Pinning next week! Man these past 15 months have been HELL but its all been worth it. Failing RN school 2 years ago to finish this lpn program IS MY TESTIMONY! Already have a job lined up as soon as my boards are PASSED! Even though i beat myself up with past regrets, im proud that ive finally accomplished something that ive wanted. Plans are to work, work, work & work b/c mama needs a NEW DODGE CHARGER! Gotta retake my a&p since its 5 yrs old & another science class & then tackle the LPN-BSN BEAST program come fall 2014! Good luck to all those who are just starting & those who are almost @ the finish line! PRAY & WORK HARD! IT WILL PAY OFF! HAPPY NURSING JOURNEY!
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  3. by   TNT365
    Congrats on your accomplishments . I am starting my ADN program August 26 and I am so nervous especially about failing out. But as you have done, I will just get back up and dust myself off. Its so much pressure and proud that you have continued to go for your dream!!!!
  4. by   LoriRNCM
    You go, mama!!! Look for me in a new chevy camaro in a couple years! My poor PT Cruiser may not even get me through nursing school!
  5. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Thanks TNT365! Just take it 1 day @ a time! It will go by FASSSSSTTTTT!

    @ lorirn2b thanks! Honey my chevy malibu( call her brownsuga) has been acting crazy like the car CHRISTINE! We've been 2gether for 9 years & with having to put 360 miles A WEEK for the past 15 months AINT NO JOKE! All kinds of stuff done happened but WE STILL HOLDING ON LOL!