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how many of you have found laptops beneficial during your nursing classes, especially lecture? i have a laptop already, but i am looking into buying an additional one except it'll be smaller and... Read More

  1. by   tictac
    It's just a matter of preference, really. About half of our class of 130 uses laptops during the lectures. You can usually definitely type faster than you can write, but I still prefer to print out the slides and write my notes on them. I seem to remember the information better if it's in my own handwriting.

    I do see alot of shopping, myspace browsing, and instant messaging during class. I would be too tempted, especially during a boring lecture, so I leave my laptop at home!
  2. by   UMichSCN07
    When the Fall semester started, I was pretty much the only one who was bringing a laptop on a daily basis (out of 48) and today, about 5 weeks out from semester's end, there's about 10 of us using our laptops. I fully expect to see even more laptops in class after the holiday break. For a lot of us, it's a matter of saving paper, since our school has a 400-page limit on printing as part of our student account and most of our lectures are fairly lengthy PowerPoint presentations.

    I personally use my laptop constantly in class. I have a Toshiba convertible tablet, so I am able to hand-write notes (since I write faster than I type, in general) and all my notes are in one location, instead of spread out over several spiral-bound notebooks. I also like the ability to write notes directly onto the PowerPoint slides using programs like OneNote and Windows Journal.

    Mike in Michigan
  3. by   AmyORlpn
    i'm in a lpn program and a laptop is provided with the class. it is very nice to have access to information.

    lpn student in oregon