Lake WA Tech Winter 2019

  1. Anyone on here apply to LWTech for Winter 2019? Trying to connect with other students who have been accepted!
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  3. by   anesik
    I accepted a spot.
  4. by   shields207
    Awesome to hear! My name is Kristin. I look forward to meeting everyone
  5. by   SarahMinn
    I accepted a spot too! I am excited to meet everyone
  6. by   Arafelle
    Hi guys,

    I wanted to write this for two reasons! I got in! But here's the important part:

    - I never got any emails from them (I did the first time I applied, so I know they have the correct emails)
    - I had to call them to find out that I got in this morning.

    If any of you are missing your "application received" email and no follow up either, please call them!