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  1. I have to look up OSMO, CALC (referance range equals 278-302 MOSM/L)
    Ok, what is this? The osmolality of calcium? Calculated Serum Osmolality (which I thought was 280-300, but the hospital I do clinicals at could be a little different)? I've been looking, but I just don't know. My instructer just printed up the lab, ripped the patients name off, checked the labs I was to look up and handed it to me. Any help would be great, thanks.
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  3. by   kahumai
    I would say its the serum osmolality of the blood. My lab book has a normal reference range of 285-295 mmol/kg, which is reasonalby close to what you have. Lab books are almost never the exact ranges as the hospital, so if it were my homewok, that's what I would use. Can you ask your teacher???