KSU 2012 Nursing applicants! How ar ur interviews goin for this month?

  1. Hello everyone! So I've looked at this website once when I was stil taking my pre-nursing courses but never posted any thread. I'm now officially here and ready to meet all my fellow KSU nursing applicants. I would like to make friends with everyone that is being interviewed for this month and hopefully meet everyone in Spring 2012!! I'm proud to say that I made it through pre-req, teas, application, and interview phases! woop! woop!! lol It was a long process, you have to accept that. ANyone should feel free to ask any question you may have about those processes and I'll answer them to the best of my experience/knowledge. Hoping to hear from you all, and GOODLUCK with your interviews!

    Oh I forgot to add that am currently waiting for the acceptance letter. It is said to be mailed out in the next 3-4weeks from today(interviewed date) So yea, I cant wait!
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  3. by   klove10
    Hey! I just had my interview last week also and (fingers crossed) will be starting nursing school in the sptring!!! it is for sure a long and stressful process!
  4. by   proms2009
    Good to know there is someone here who also had his/her interview. I'm anxiuosly waiting on that acceptance letter and I try to remain optimistic lol
  5. by   StarLite1980
    Heeeeeey!!! So happy interviews are over with. Did you apply for the traditional or accelerated program? There are a few other threads for Kennesaw's spring 2012...you may meet other students on there too. I am so ready for the next three weeks to pass. I've been trying to stay super busy so I don't think about it.
    Good luck!!
  6. by   proms2009
    I know right!! I can't stop thinking about the letter coming in hahaha I applied for the traditional program and am super anxious!! How do you keep yourself busy and don't think about it?? Thanks for the info, am new to ksu and I'd really need some friends
  7. by   StarLite1980
    Anxiety is an understatement at this point! I'm staying busy with my kids, cleaning everything, laundry, rearranging closets, exercising, taking naps....whatever I need to do!!! LMAO!!!