Keep your fingers crossed for my Sallie Mae loan!

  1. If everyone could think good thoughts and pray that my Sallie Mae loan gets approved I would appreciate it so much! I finally found a cosigner and I'm freaking out that it won't be approved. The financial aid rep. said I should find out by Friday, so until then, I'm going to be extremely stressed out.

    Did anyone else have a cosigner on their Sallie Mae loan? My credit was wrecked in my divorce last year and I don't really have another option.

    Thanks in advance for your good thoughts and prayers!
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  3. by   angstudentnurse
    Good luck!

    I know that extra loan can be worth one's sanity. When I got my loan, I let out a sigh of relief.
  4. by   xNursePinkx2b
    Good luck! Did you apply through your school or online? I applied online and had to have my husband cosign (he doesn't have the best credit, either), but it was approved, it only took 24 hours.
  5. by   jesskalpn
    My application is being submitted through the school. I swear I'm going to go insane before I hear something.

    Thanks for your good thoughts!
  6. by   krenee
    Absolutely, I hope you get it! I had some major glitches getting my own loan and I remember well the stress of it. Heck, I'm still stressed about this semester's loan coming and I'm approved and everything; I just don't trust these institutions (the loan companies OR my school's financial dept)!