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    i was prompted to make this post after reading several posts made by another member. most of these start with questions of ethics...

    it seems to me (and a few others who have messaged me) that these are critical thinking exercises given to you in the form of homework. while it is absolutely fine to request help for problems you are having finishing your homework (as we all need assistance from time to time), i really hope that you are coming up with answers on your own, and not just using these forums to cut and paste into your assignments.

    a huge part of nursing is that you be able to think through situations on your own, by using your best judgement and your own critical thinking skills.

    i would not have thought a second thing about it, but it seems many of these are worded in a form that would be from a standard issue textbook, or worksheet.

    if i misread the situation, sorry, but use your resources wisely! we are here to support you, comfort you, and motivate you, however we are not here to do your homework remember, we are students too, and have a lot of homework ourselves. sometimes the professors just want to know what you think is the best thing to do, not what the forum members think you should do. we wont be beside you in practice when ethical questions arise, you will have to decide for yourself. it would be wise to start using your own creative/critical mind muscles now, so that they are strong when you need them.

    im not trying to mean, or insensitive, but sometimes we must think for ourselves. it will help you in the long run.

    just advice
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    Good post Brandy