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It's probably just nerves or whatever, but I'm starting a diploma program this week. It's a two year program and after over 4 years of doing the pre-requisites at a local CC, I finally feel like I'm... Read More

  1. by   angelbear
    If the problem is that you want to get back to work have you considered distance learning? In this way you could work and also work on your degree at your own pace. Another words you would be going back to work and still not be standing still in increasing your education. Believe me when it comes to getting a job with the BSN they are not going to ask you were you got your education they only want to know that you passed the boards. You might want to look into it but only if you are good with being self motivated. Best wishes for bright future for you.
  2. by   Monielena
    Originally posted by peggysue
    I am currently in a diploma program, and I am fine with that. But that is my own personal preference, because a "hands on, bedside nurse" in geriatrics or hospice is what I want to do. However, if you have plans to further your education with the BSN, then I would personally suggest you go that route to begin with. Why go through the diploma AND the BSN? To me, that would seem to be the longer, and in the end, more exspensive route. You may just need more time to think about it and decide what is best for you. Only you know all of your circumstances and considerations.
    Best wishes.
    I wanted to pursue the BSN at first, but because I was working and it would've taken me twice as long to complete the pre-requisites, I decided to go with the diploma program. And just like you, I like the "hands on approach" which was why I chose diploma.

    Angelbear, I'm definitely considering those. Its just trying to find a program that's the problem.
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