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  1. I was wondering what is considered appropriate to wear to an interview. I have had interviews for non-professional jobs, but working as an RN would be my first "real" job and I want to make sure that I look professional. The way you look and dress is the first impression someone makes of you before you even start to speak. I don't wear make-up and my skin tone is kind of uneven, so should I wear make-up to the interview? Should I wear my hair up or down, which is more appropriate. Is there a way to prepare for the type of questions they might ask, like those behavioral type questions? I haven't got an interview yet, but I'm just trying to prepare. Thanks.
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  3. by   lauraline
    Gratz on landing those interviews!

    If it were me I would wear a suit. Or at least dress pants or a professional looking skirt and a blazer. I would probably wear a nice blouse. And closed toe dress shoes. I would keep the jewelry/accessories simple. And make sure my nails are neat and clean. A fresh haircut is always good. I think if you are used to leaving your hair down, then leave it down. Get an easy to style cut, so you won't have to stress. As for the makeup, I don't see it as a "must" but it probably wouldn't hurt to put a little concealer on. Go down to the mall and have them do your makeup, see what works for your comfort level. If I wasn't used to makeup, I would probably just go for a little lip gloss, concealer, and maybe a bit of mascara. By the way, I used to work as a personal stylist during my years as an undergrad. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  4. by   ssaarraahh
    When I went to an interview, I wore black slacks, a simple one colored shirt, and a cardigan. I also wore cute flats instead of heels. I wore my hair up in a bun because for me, I have a nervous habit of playing with my hair and I did not want to look nervous in the interview. And always smile! You never know who is watching you. The moment I went into the hospital for the interview, my phone was on silence and in my bag. I did not pull it out until I was in my car after the interview.

    Now, to prepare for the interview. Google interview questions for nurses. You should get many websites that give good questions. Practice those questions. You can also practice with a friend. Have him or her read those questions to you and after you give your answer, your friend gives you feedback.

    I had 4 interviews before I landed a job. My last interview, I went in confident and smiled. Research the place you are interviewing at. If you already know about the place, you come across as more interested in the job and the mission and values of the hospital or clinic.

    I wish you the best of luck!