JHU Fall 2018 MSN Entry into Nursing

  1. Has there been a thread created for Johns Hopkins Fall 2018 MSN Entry into Nursing program? is there anyone applying to this program??

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  3. by   ke1215

    I am, just turned in my application today!
  4. by   emilyrose114
    Hi all! I was glad to find this post. I've been a long time stalker of Allnurses, but this is my first post. I was wondering what programs everyone is applying to (if more than one). I have applied to JHU, Columbia, Yale, Duke, and UCLA. I'd love to chat with someone about different pros and cons they're considering!
  5. by   chelseacaressa
    Hi everyone, I will also be submitting an application to JHU as well! I'm from Ohio. I attended the Open House last month and loved the school. It was very informative! The faculty were so friendly and it really seems like a great community. One student explained that they truly want us as students to succeed. I'm also applying to Columbia's MDE program. I love both school's because of their commitment to global health as well as providing care for underrepresented communities.
  6. by   crose8
    Hey Everyone!

    I submitted my application October 30th. I'm from Minnesota. I applied to Marquette, DePaul, JHU and Columbia.
  7. by   franklin_washington
    I submitted apps to:
    U of Colorado
  8. by   yh1991
    Does anyone know when we will start hearing back?
  9. by   franklin_washington
    Quote from yh1991
    Does anyone know when we will start hearing back?
    I think they said by the end of December if you turned in your app by Nov 1.
  10. by   Kirby1771
    Hello! I applied to Yale, Emory, JHU, WesternU, USF, UCSF. I also intend to apply to Pacific Lutheran, MGH, and Northeastern.

    I was recently accepted into Emory, so I look forward to hearing back from these other schools as well
  11. by   emilyrose114
    I was itching to know when we would start hearing, so I sent admissions an email yesterday. I'll update here what I hear back! Does anyone know the approximate time frame they allow you to consider before putting a deposit down? Most of the other schools I'm applying to (Duke, Yale, Columbia, UCLA), don't give admissions notifications until February or March.
  12. by   franklin_washington
    Did anyone hear anything yet?
  13. by   emilyrose114
    I haven't. And no email reply yet either. I'm sure they're swamped, but hoping we get some communication about the early deadline soon. The 2 deadlines have been a bit confusing.
  14. by   JulietMei
    At the Open House in October, an admissions officer said that those who applied by the priority of 11/1 could hear something in early January. Anyone know how long those accepted have to make a deposit?