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I just found out that I have been accepted into the nursing program that was my first pick!!! :hatparty: WoooHoooo! I wasn't expecting that at all and I am so excited. :balloons: But, I can't sit... Read More

  1. by   RNNoMore
    Have a complete Spring Clean throughout your house - pack up/throw away/sell/donate anything that could possibly be labelled 'clutter'. Believe me - you won't get much time to clean when you start your nursing course, and the more clutter-free your house is to start with, the easier it will be keep on top of things. Create a really nice study area too. I sure wish I had done this before I started - now I just have to live in a pigsty until Summer LOL!

  2. by   kirbi
    Quote from Mission
    If I could afford not to work before school starts (June for me) I'd go to Mexico and take medical spanish and volunteer at an orphanage. But studying for the the next couple of months sounds fun too Stupid A&P 2 @!#%##
    Sorry to hear about your A&P woes! But, I agree with the above dream. At clinicals tomorrow, I am taking care of a patient who speaks Spanish only and I have only had two semesters of it. Very useful here in Calif! I'm taking Spanish 3 this summer. Every little bit helps.