is that a bad idea to take out loan before i get accepted for nursing program?

  1. I am married and am working as a nanny right now. I am starting my prereqs in fall. My plan is to qit my job and get a part time job once I start school. Also I am planning to take out som loan to help us pay bills. I'm not trying to be a lazy or anything but I would like not to wrk fulltime so thjat I can concentrate on studying. Its been three yrs since lasdt time I have attended college and I need to get myself back into the habit of studying. What do u guys suggest? Is it really bad idea to take out loan when I'm wrking on my prereqs and I should avoid laoan untill I'm in the program since I will be laced on the waiting list? I am planning to take coreqs and work on prereqs for university program. I really need an advise! Any suggestions and advises are helpful. Thank u!!
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  3. by   HumptyDumpty
    If you feel confident enough that you will finish the program and reach your end result i.e. becoming a nurse, then go for it. If it will help relieve the stresses of paying your bills and what not, take out loans. I recommend to everyone to max out all student loans because it is one of the only guaranteed loans out there at a fixed interest rate. This is based solely on using the money towards something constructive though, such as education or a down payment on a house...