Is OXYGENATION an INDEPENDENT Nursing function? - page 2

Im wondering if I can oxygenate my patient at will... using my own judgement.... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    The answer is...

    If the patient is deteriorating and needs oxygen, of course you give it. You just need to contact the doc ASAP to get an order for it if there is not already a standing order for that patient since it is a medication.

    It's not an independent nursing function because it does require a doctor's order. Whether that order is obtained before or after the oxygen is started, that is beside the point.
  2. by   not now
    What Gompers said. Just this evening we had a woman drop to 67% on RA and we threw her on 2 liters via nasal cannula until the MD called back (he notorious for taking his sweet time with LTC) she went back up to 94%. When he called back he ok'd the O2 and we wrote the TO.
  3. by   nursemaa
    Perhaps oxygenation falls under the category of "interdependent" functions- you need a physician order to initiate your facility's established protocols, but after that you can use the protocol to guide your actions- for example, weaning O2 based on pulse ox parameters. There are some aspects of oxygenation that are independent- positioning, cough and deep breathing, applying O2 during emergencies etc.