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I graduated a few years back with a BS in biology and have finally figured out that nursing is my calling:) If you already had a degree prior to entering nursing school, did you enter the... Read More

  1. by   Teacher2bCRNA
    what's atc?
    Quote from halv1326
    i hope it will be! i'm an atc with a masters degree (10yrs), teaching at the university level, 2 kids, great wife, awesome dog, and am eager to get back to helping people directly. hoping to start an accelerated prog. in the fall.
    drums please!
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    congratulations. this is awesome.

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    i was reading the above post and i thought it was mine i am also a cosmetologist, stay at home mom of 11+ years and mother of three. i graduated nursing school 1 year ago and have been a cardiac nurse for 10 months.
  3. by   cfrimer
    Yep, nursing is a second career for me, too.

    I have a BSc in Neuroscience, and I worked as a medical writer for 5+ years. I did enjoy it, but I always knew that I wasn't "done" yet, though, ie, that I wasn't in the career place that I was supposed to be in for life.

    I must say, although part of me wishes I'd known "what I want to do when I grow up" earlier (I'll be 31 this year), the experience that I accrued in my previous work has been such a boon, and I have no regrets. I just know even more solidly now that I'm in the right place!
  4. by   Teacher2bCRNA
    medical that's something i would like to do as well. how did you get into that?

    Quote from cfrimer
    yep, nursing is a second career for me, too.

    i have a bsc in neuroscience, and i worked as a medical writer for 5+ years. i did enjoy it, but i always knew that i wasn't "done" yet, though, ie, that i wasn't in the career place that i was supposed to be in for life.

    i must say, although part of me wishes i'd known "what i want to do when i grow up" earlier (i'll be 31 this year), the experience that i accrued in my previous work has been such a boon, and i have no regrets. i just know even more solidly now that i'm in the right place!
  5. by   cfrimer
    Oh, duh, it would have helped if I'd read the text of the first post, not just the title!

    I am in an accelerated program (1.5 years for the RN, followed by 1.5 years of NP work). We just started our second semester, and YES, it is INTENSE. I personally am slow... even my heart rate is slow (<45 bpm), so I do wish that the program wasn't QUITE as accelerated as it is... but on the other hand, I feel like I've waited long enough to figure myself out, so I just want to get on with it!
  6. by   cfrimer
    Teacher2CRNA -- I got into medical writing through the back door. I always enjoyed and was good at writing, but no one was terribly interested in hiring a writer with no "clips." So I started out as a medical copyeditor, working for a medical communications company.

    To get that job, I had to take a copyediting test (in which I had to spot a figure with two photos whose captions were switched... would have been very tricky for someone without a science background to have noticed the glitch), but basically got hired because of my science background (I'd worked as a research tech when I got out of college).
  7. by   Dreamer-RN
    Quote from teacher2crna
    this is something that i would be interested in. however, would you still be able to work during this process. i am not married so income is important.
    i will not be able to continue my current full-time job while pursuing the accelerated bsn. though, if i really wanted to, i believe i can find ways to work part-time as a software programmer while attending nursing school. or, if i wanted to keep my current full-time, i would have to pursue a nursing program which offers classes during the evenings/weekends.

    i am married. therefore, my husband's income will cover the major living expenses (e.g., mortgage and such) while i am in school in addition to the proceeds i have received from the sale of my home (prior to marriage).

    i also hope to work a part-time externship while i am school once i get a handle on my school schedule and the work load. i will be able to work full-time during the summers because i have no classes. i like to get nursing experience as much as possible while i am school (big believer in getting as much hands-on experience while in school).
  8. by   chijon512
    I have a BA in Economics. I did some pretty cool things for some pretty cool companies. I thought long and hard about direct-entry MSN but in the end wasn't sold on its value. I opted for an ADN program.
  9. by   David's Harp
    Quote from cinqly
    HI!!!!!! I am actually at the symphony this weekend, thinking about all my classes starting next week! I'm glad to be playing, and I love it, but I am SO excited to start! I hope I get into the accelerated program too! (fingers crossed)! Are you in school or practicing already?!? I wish you the best of luck, and never stop playing!

    BM....tee hee!
    I'm in school, to graduate in May. Are you starting pre-req's, and hoping to get into an accelerate program thereafter?

    It's funny, I wouldn't trade the years I spent in music school for anything, in terms of building both musicianship and some of my closest friendships, but the degree itself? Well, it was _useful_ as a mousepad for a while there...
  10. by   3rdgenRN2B
    Nursing is my second career as well. I've been in the retail florist business for the past 10+ years. When I graduated high school I took the entrance exam for the RN program at my local community college. I was so mortified by how hard the exam was that I elected to not find out my grade. I started taking prereqs but decided that I didn't need school--I was making tons at my job (seemed like it at the time). Now, many moons later, I struggle to find time for my classes as well as workimg full-time. Oh, did I mention that I'm also married and expecting a child this March? Not gonna get any easier. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy...
  11. by   tencents
    I have a B.S. in Special Education and then decided teaching wasn't for me. Really, I had to get my master's if I wanted to teach in NY anyway, so I started exploring my options. I feel in love with Occupational Therapy.

    But I have also always had nursing in the back of my mind. However, it's usually stayed in the back becuase the 5 nurses in my family say...stay away. That is until recently, when the opportunity for FREE tuition and books came up (VA benefit). Stipulation though, only in the state of AL (as that's where my parents live).

    I applied to a OT program in AL and was put on the alternate list, so I applied to a A.S.N. However, I have also been accepted to a private school OT program (def. NOT free). To date I'm moving back to NY to persue OT school...but I'm still not convinced I am making the right choice.
  12. by   FLAgal14
    Nursing is my second career as well. I have a BA in public health, and a MPH in epidemiology. Sounds like it could be exciting but not so much - basically sitting at a computer crunching numbers all day. But - I will be starting an accelerated BSN program in 2 weeks so I'm pretty excited about this career change. I rather interact with people than computers:spin:
  13. by   OgopogoLPN
    I have been a medical office assistant/secretary for almost 12 years, so nursing will be my 2nd career and hopefully last