Is nursing school the right path for me?

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and Nursing community and would love some helpful advise. As for a little background, I'm currently going to school and would like to become a Physician Assistant one day. However, I know direct patient care experience is needed, and I was considering nursing as a starting field. I had considered other options such as a Dietitian, Ultrasound, etc. However I'm eager to get into the health field already and I didn't like that many ultrasound schools want an AS in Radiology, and radiology jobs aren't exactly abundant in Rochester, NY. I love working with people, particularly infants and and children, and would like to specialize in neonatal care one day. I would really like a career where I can work with kids and make them feel a little less afraid of the hospital or doctor's office. What do you think? Any advise?
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  3. by   jj224
    If you want to become a PA, skip nursing all together. Become an EMT (1 semester at a community college) and do that while making sure your prerequisite / bachelors grades are on point.