Is it worth it? (m)

  1. I was wanting to take a CMA class this summer for experience and to make extra money while I am in school but I also need to take microbiology to graduate............What I want to know is: Is the CMA class worth it? Or should I just stick with the microbiology class this summer? I will start the nursing program this fall and I don't want to get burnt out the summer before it starts. What should I do? Please offer some advice! Thanks!

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  3. by   StudentSandra
    A CMA class? What do you mean? Like CNA? I'm lost I thought CMA was Certified Medical Assistant. Many MA courses are as long as an ADN program. I'm so confused. Sorry, maybe it's just that my brain has no more room to think.
  4. by   larae09
    I should have been more specific.........A CMA course is about 6 weeks long and it allows you to give out medication in a nursing home........CMA is a Certified Medication Aide.
  5. by   mia
    In my opinion it is not worth it, especially if you have to pay for the CMA course. Micro can be a pretty intense class, especially over summer. The work you will do as a CMA will not be much help to you in regard to nursing school. Well, I don't know maybe it will help you become familiar with oral meds but you'll get that in school in both your pharm class and in clinical. It would be better if you just wait until school starts and then get a job as a nurse tech. I think that would supplement your education and clinical experience alot better than being a certified medication aide. Plus, you'll get paid while you train as opposed to paying for training.

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  6. by   KristaB
    If your goal is to be a nurse, I'd focus on the micro. You can still work as a CNA if you must, but the extra course work won't be worth it for the little bit of extra money you'd be able to make.


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