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Call me excited, call me a me a Future Nurse I will not be entering my first nursing class until 2005 (hopefully!!!). But lately, it seems that hubby and his family get irritated... Read More

  1. by   NATTY SN
    It can be very difficult when you don't feel as though you have the support that you need but that is what this board is all about. I love reading everyone posts and love the support given to each other even more. Your classmates will be of great support to you and just think they are at the same point you are and will be able to relate. I was very excited about just making the decision to pursue my nursing degree after so long (I am 34 yrs old). As you progress further into the program I am sure your family will become more supportive (I'll cross my finger but for now you have all of us who share in your excitment!!! I wish my husband was more supportive but like I said earlier I have formed bonds with people from schoool who understand. Best of luck to you all!!!