Is it just me?

  1. So I have been volunteering in the PACU at a hospital for about 2 years now... And all the nurses are just downright rude and snobby. At first I thought that it was because I was new or wasn't doing something right, but it's not. Then i thought it was because they do not want to be disturbed with their charting and patients. but its not that either. Even at the beginning of their shift when they are sitting around waiting for patients they do not have a kind bone in their body. They do not smile back, say anything helpful that They would like me to do, but just constantly nag me for getting in the way. Does nursing turn you into a crappy pants? Or is it just my place?
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    Never had that experience, except at the local county hospital where things are pretty crappy for nurses. I usually am met with smiles and good advice. It's probably just that work environment.
  4. by   Elizabeth Renee
    I think it is unfortunately the environment. The hospitals I've been in, whether it be for job shadowing or volunteering, has had several kind employees and the nurses usually love to share with me all their tips and tricks on getting a job done. They will also show and explain certain nursing procedures, which I find very sweet and thoughtful of them to do since they knew I too wanted to be a nurse. They always thanked me for helping them, even if I'm just taking full vital sets or changing linens.

    I would maybe consider volunteering elsewhere.
  5. by   Froyoagogo
    Thank you guys! Good to know that it's not like this everywhere. I really hoped that it wasn't.