Interview tomorrow for a PCT position!

  1. Hey guys! My name is Becky. I have an interview tomorrow at 3 for a PCT position and im nervous as heck! If anyone has any pointers, advice, or ideas of what they are gunna ask me, it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   VM85
    I have no experience as a PCT I am in nursing school, 3 quarters through, and a tip in general I would suggest is to look up the company or hospital and be knowledgable when interviewing- it shows your are really looking for a career,not just a job, when you research a company, and that you took the time out to research and be prepared- and just be confident and outgoing so they know you are confident in your skills and as a person, since you will be representing that company when you are working with patients!
    I just was wondering how you thought the training for a PCT was?I know it is a nursing assistant and phlebotomy and ekg. I just posted a reply to another thread about PCT and I have a friend that didnt do so well in NS since it was so fast paced and she just didnt have time to absorb the information, but she did great in clinicals and patient care- and i came across classes for this...if you could post back about how fast paced, what type of info you learned(what was the focus) was it more hands on or book learning? Anything you would think is important for someone who is interested in the field would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and good luck!