Ineffective SNA

  1. I'm probably just venting here.
    I'm a senior, graduate in May. Have one semester left and I'm out the door with a Bachelors degree.

    I've hit a point where I am about ready to just stop caring. I'm an elected member of my SNA board. This whole term has been a CF and it's just getting worse! I'm ready to just stop trying.

    Every idea I bring forward gets shot down. The other members aren't doing their jobs, at all. The faculty advisers blast us for the less than stellar performance and went so far as to tell the incoming class what a bad job we've done.

    We have had no success getting people to follow through on events they've volunteered to handle. There are 2 of us who constantly pick up the slack but I'm burnt out!

    Anyone else on their SNA board and dealing with this kind of stuff?
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