In One more week..............

  1. In one more week, exactly a week from today the instructors told us today that we can say we are seniors. WOO HOO. I am so glad. It has been a rough, tough stressful, 4 years and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Today was my last offical day of class). YEAH!!! Next week Mon, Tue, Wed are study days and then we start finals on Thursday. I have 2 finals on thursday, a final on friday and then the HESI which was scheduled for last friday will defintely be next friday. Right now I have a 97% in my nursing seminar class, a 96% in my nursing research class, a 98% in my Christianity class and a 85% in my nursing health management class. This has been my best semester ever. I have worked my rear end off this semester.

    I have been nominated for a rep position on the nursing student government but I don't think I won, which will be ok, I always wanted to run but I never felt I would win because of certain factors I will not discuss on this board. It is too controversial Today was voting day. However, I am a strong canadiate for President of the RSNA which is my school's chapter for the National student nursing association. So far I am the only canadiate.

    Well, I better start getting ready to study for finals. Just one more week and then I can celebrate. I have no summer classes to take at all and I am so happy about that. I will work this summer though and I will be working nights which is going to be a definte adjustment for me. I have never worked nights before, let alone a 12 hour shift.
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    Congrats on those grade Tonya!!! We have class M-T-TH next week. GI test M & STD's & abnormal menses on Th. Study days F&M, final T, May 7.