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How do nurses feel about student nurses in the health care setting working with them?? Are they in the way? A help? or what? I would appreciate any input on this topic or where I could find... Read More

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    Awww..........Thanks you guys!!!
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    Awww..........Thanks you guys!!!
    Hey cheerfuldoer and Softballmama? Could you guys move to NY and get jobs at a hospital where Columbia does clinicals so I could have you as mentors? Pleeeeeez?
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    Mixed blessing!

    I have had both experiences good and bad. As an LPN student I had a horrible time with the nurses..sometimes when I would ask the simplist thing, like concept that would blurt out "go ask your instructor!". I was ultimatly baffled as I had worked with these nurses as a CNA..and never had a problem with them before..I couldnt believe it..and no they werent busy..I would not interupt them if they were..they were chatting with other nurses in the nurses station....honestly I was horrified by this experience, feeling very betrayed..after all these used to be nurses I worked with, that I looked up too. They acted like we were a nuisance.
    My RN year has been different, I did my preceptorship in another hospital and had a most wonderful experience. I felt welcomed by all the staff, including doctors and physical therapist, who would explain rational to me without me even having to ask..I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They were excited that I was learning and took the time to teach me.

    Also regarding some of the nurses while I was in LPN year, many of them were BSN students..I wondered if they felt because I was in a two year program I was somehow "inept"..I am not sure about that, it is speculation on my part, but they were mighty defensive..that is for sure!
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    Hey cheerfuldoer and Softballmama? Could you guys move to NY and get jobs at a hospital where Columbia does clinicals so I could have you as mentors? Pleeeeeez?
    I wouldn't have a problem moving there, but houses are so freakin' expensive!!! We actually considered moving there a year ago.
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    I had a nurse tell me that they all really do appreciate the student nurses, even though they never say it. Yes, we may get in their way by asking a question. But we help out a lot more. Also, I think it's important not to be too sensitive to nurses, doctors,etc. Some of the people in my class automatically assume someone is 'mean' if they aren't overly friendly and helpful to them. We all love those nurses who go out of their way to help the students, but not everyone is like that. Don't take it personally.
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    I also love having students. Whenever there are students on the floor, I always volunteer to take them, and somehow I end up with almost all of them following me around before they leave for the day. I make sure that the students are there if something interesting, unusual, or critical is happening, I'll seize the opportunity for students to start IVs, insert foleys, anything on their list of approved skills.

    After all, it wasn't that long ago that I was a student, and I'd hate for them to wind up with some grumpy nurse who would act like they're an inconvenience or something.