Immune disorders

  1. Does anyone have any helpful hints or know of any interesting websites that can help me understand immune information? Or if you'd care to share how you learned the material? Or maybe explain it to me in a different way?

    I need to know Humoral Immunite, Cell Mediated, Hypersentivity type 1 : anaphylactic and atopic, tpe 2 cytotoxic/cytolytic, type 3 complex immune reaction, and type 4 delayed hypersensitivity.

    I don't need to know doctor answers, or anatomy and physiology complex answers. I just need to know the difference between all of them and I'm having trouble grasping that concept. I have loked at my med surg book, crit care book, med surg made easy, and a med surg review book and nothing works. And for the atopic reactions ther are allergic rhinits, allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, and angioedema reactions which confuses me even more.

    I also have to know SLE, HIV/Aids, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, and allergies.

    If anyone could explain to me in simple terms I'd really appreciate it... thanks :spin:
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    bumpppp.. anyone?

    I looked in my lippincots nclex book and couldn't find anything on SLE, HIV/AIds, Immune responses, and Allergic reactions. I haven't learned the rest of the stuff yet so I haven't looked for questions. I haven't looked in saunders Q & A book yet but im going to do that today.
  4. by   Daytonite
    i think that the simplest explanations of sle, hiv/aids, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and allergies that you are going to find will be on these two patient education sites:
    these are links from high school anatomy classes. - human body adventure. this is a high school site for human anatomy and life science. very basic introductory information. click on the site map and then on "blood and the immune system" - pattonville high school sponsors this site, but links at the left take you to web pages with diagrams to label and some links to information on the internet about the subject. here is the link to the immune system. there are links there to information on aids