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just so you know i have been soooo tired since school has started back. studying, working full time, making sure the kids are taking care of, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, studying, studying,... Read More

  1. by   Mudnuri
    I'm not in the nursing program YET but just going back to school with 7 credits has been a big eye opener for me!

    thankfully, I'm not really working- I do waitress every other fri/sat night when my girls are at their fathers.

    I find that having them do more is a godsend! I do laundry during the day at the laundry mat, bringing in my a/p book and studying while it's washing and drying. When they get home from school that day, they put their own clothes away. They are charged with their own room's. They actually do a pretty good job. They also swiffer the rest of the house- sometimes fighting over who gets to do it. They load and unload the dishwasher. I set the water in the shower- then they're off and running. They make their own breakfast (cereal or toast etc.) and pack their own bags for school.

    I also find that if I walk every morning after getting them off to school (except thursday, early Psych class) I feel a lot better. I try to walk 3 miles, but even if I only have time for 1-2 I feel much better in general.

    I'm coaching their soccer team again this year, so that takes 3 nights a week, my crock pot is my best friend to say the least!

    The other big thing I do is spend Sunday getting the house ready for the week. Whatever I've let slide during the week is taken care of on Sunday, like the bathroom They go to their fathers every Sunday, so that allows me time to get all of that done, (usually about an hours time) then I spend the rest of the day studying, or just being lazy.

    One decision I did make is that I try not to study if they are home and awake. They are in bed by 9 so thats when I study if I have to at night. By midnight I'm ready for bed, and back up at 630. Some days I take a nap, but most I dont have time.

    You have to decide whats important in your life, is it having a perfectly waxed floor? or is it spending time with your family and getting A's in your classes. Usually something has to give, and the consensus here, is to let it be housework!

    I can tell you that the one thing I let slide thats bothering me the most is the cleanliness or lack there of in my car...irritates me because I always have a clean car, and the last couple weeks, i've let that slide yuck!