If you don't get into the nursing program for 2002...what are you going to do?

  1. Hi all,
    I know I shouldn't think negatively....but I have to face reality....there are only a certain number of slots available...so I have thought long and hard about what I'm going to do. I do know that if I'm not accepted, I will be placed on a waiting list for Fall 2003. So with that said I plan on taking the Certified Nursing Assistant courses. So this way I will gain valuable knowledge, get some experience and earn a little money (I will probably be able to put some up for my tuition... ). So this does sound logical....right????....my DH says I shouldn't think negative....

    "RN 2B in 2004"...
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  3. by   hanginginthere

    I'm the same way. People always say to me to think positive. But when I think negative I never get disappointed easily because I always expect the worst. In anycase, I'm also planning to the start the program in fall 2002. And I also apply in several schools. My friend told me if she doesn't get in any of those schools she will go for LPN and I think you should too. Unless there isn't any LPN program in your area. And You also have another good option take the CNA program, you will have lots of experience.I think it's always better to have a plan. Good luck on whatever you decide.